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Why I Serve


My parents moved to Connecticut from Puerto Rico in the 1960’s as teenagers. They are not immigrants in the traditional sense because Puerto Ricans have had American citizenship since 1917. They came here as teenagers alone, my mom in search of independence from an overly strict mother and my dad in search of work which was in short supply on the island at the time, as it is today.


My dad spent his career in manufacturing and as a union janitor. My mom found her career in the commercial laundry industry. They worked in the same physically demanding jobs for over 30 years. Without complaint my dad worked two jobs throughout my childhood. They moved to East Hartford with my brother and sister just before I was born. They were looking for a quieter, safer neighborhood for their kids as well as better schools. Things we all want.


Strong and committed work ethic was a deeply held value growing up. I spent my childhood in a neighborhood that too many today would look down on as low-income. My family simply saw it as an affordable and safe place to live. A place with a strong sense of community where families looked out for each other. I attended great schools, East Hartford Public Schools. I went to college and own a home. That’s the American Dream, right?

That’s why I serve. I serve because my community gave my parents the opportunity to allow their children to reach the dreams that parents work so hard for. My hometown afforded me the opportunity to meet my wife Sarah and we now have three beautiful children. My high school prepared me for graduation from college, no easy feat for a first generation college student, and the diverse working world afterwards.

I serve because I have to. I owe it to my parents, I owe it to my wife and family, I owe it to my neighbors and friends and I owe to the taxpayers who worked so I could attend good public schools and the University of Connecticut. I serve because as a public official I can use my skills, education and life experience to help other families reach their dreams. I serve because I have a responsibility to do so. We all do.

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