Top Priority: Economy and the Budget
The state budget is the most important decision that the state legislature makes every two years. The state budget includes funding for programs that impact your lives in ways big and small. One of the most important state funding programs is aid to towns for local government programs and local education. State funding to towns is essential to helping limit property taxes. The state also provides significant funding to towns to renovate and improve local schools. The state budget is also important for maintaining a welcoming and attractive places to start and grow a business. Tax dollars must be invested responsibly and strategically to ensure we achieve a return on investment. We need to improve Connecticut’s business climate so we can put people back to work and ensure that businesses large and small can grow and provide the jobs we need for our state, communities and families.  

Streamlining Government and Encouraging Efficiencies
Connecticut’s multiple layers of government has led to inefficiency in the use of the limited revenue streams that taxpayers provide government. We need to continue to work to encourage municipalities to work together to provide the services that taxpayers demand. There are significant savings we can realize by combining many costly back office operations that do not impact the quality or availability of services. We can longer afford to deal with regional issues, economic and workforce development, public safety and land use/development, on a town-by-town basis.

Support Higher Standards for Academic Achievement
Connecticut students have had a long record of academic achievement. Most of our communities provide the quality education that taxpayers expect for their children. In far too many communities we do not have the levels of achievement that we should expect. The achievement gap has ramifications not only for struggling districts but also for our entire state as the quality of our workforce is diminished if we have fewer highly skilled workers in key industries. We need to continue to strengthen our academic standards for high school graduation, improve reading and math scores and providing the necessary resources to our teachers so they can provide instruction in high quality and innovative settings. 


Advocate for Better Long Term Budgetary Planning and Preparation
Over the past four years I have helped develop important budget reforms that have helped stabilize Connecticut’s finances. I helped shape policies that help control spending and that resulted in well-funded “Rainy Day Fund” to help us get through the economic emergency caused by COVID-19. Changes to state laws that I helped write have boosted the state’s credit rating which saves taxpayer dollars in both the short and long-term. I have helped reform our tax system and authored legislation that phases out the income tax on retirement income including social security. I have long been an advocate for tax reform and will continue to advocate for changes that improve our tax climate.

Remaining Accessible to Constituents and Taxpayers

During my time in office I have always placed a special emphasis on assisting constituents with their needs and being responsive to questions about proposed legislation and where I stand on issues. Staying connected to voters makes me a more effective and better-informed legislator. As a legislator who is accessible and responsive I hope I am helping to strengthen your confidence in our state government. I will continue to remain accessible and responsive to issues that are important to you and your family.